At Roolin Pebbles we strive to offer you with the most unique experience of India, a kind of sweet experience that you carry with yourself at home and always keep it within yourself as a beautiful memory which will always bring smile on your face whenever you remember it.

We treat our guests as our own family and for that we collect as much details of guests as possible in order to deliver them with optimum services and experience, the more we know about our guests the better we can organize their trips.

Before the tour we will ask you to share some of your personal information which we require to better organizing your trip and in return we promise you that we will keep your personal information confidential and will never misuse it.


When you are making a reservation through our website, we will ask you to share with us some of your general information like Name, Country, Phone number, Gender etc so that we can go ahead with your booking, later we may require more information about you so that we can organize you tour in a most effective way and offer you the most wonderful experience, below are some extra information we may require to organize a seamless experience for you.


India is a land of diversity at all levels, the kind of culinary diversity we have here can’t be found anywhere else in the world and once you are on a tour we would want you taste the delicious variety of food we have here, however many guests have a particular diet preference and we want to know that, some guests are allergic to many kinds of food and want to know that, all these information will be noted and shared with our team, guides so that each guest requirement can be met and the guests can enjoy their tour carefree.


We are always looking forward to improve ourselves in every possible way so that we can deliver our valued guests with the best of experience; so we ask a lot of things to our guests, we always want to know how our guests found us on the internet, what key words they used, and what type of media our guest read and watch, we use all these information to improve our marketing and advertising skills which is vital for our business, we use Google analytics to monitor what our guests are doing on our website, what page they are visiting, how much time they spend on each page and all these information is solely used to improve ourselves, to improve the way we work and to always upgrade ourselves with the time, the more we know about our guests the better we can serve them.


Prior to the tour we would request you to provide us with fewer details like your height, Age, Gender and your general health status so that we can plan everything according to that, for example We require your height details so that an appropriate bike which accommodate you well can be organized, we may also request you to provide us with your vaccination status especially COVID 19 vaccine which will determine your excess to activities and other experiences as we follow all the needed protocols advised by the Government.


Sometimes we may ask you to provide us with your flight details so that we can organize your airport pick-up and drop whenever necessary so that things can happen smoothly and you get enough time to board your flight, we may also sometimes require your passport details for hotel reservation and doing many other things related to your tour where your passport details are much needed.


At Roolin Pebbles we try our best to offer you a very unique and personalized experience, at the time of booking we may request you to share with us If you have any personal preference or special request which we will share with our team, guides so that it can be used to fulfill all your expectations, we may also use this information throughout the trip so that you have an enhanced experience of the tour.


At Roolin Pebbles we treat our guests as our own family and we strive in all possible ways to give them the most beautiful experiences on the tour and try to maintain the faith they have showed on us, all the personal information which our guests shared with us, we will keep it safe and secure more than anything and will never share it with any external company or person unless we are required by the law to do so, we take all this information to enhance our guests experience, that we can make our guests experience a memorable one.

In the present time of electronic media it has become all the more important to secure the privacy of our guests and we are fully dedicated towards that, the trust our guests showed on us and shared their personal information, we will protect it at all cost with a very stringent attitude toward it. We ensure that the personal information our guests share with us will be kept very confidential and will not be used for any purposes other than what we need to render our clients with the services and experiences they rightfully deserve.

We take the privacy and safety of our guests very personally and our commitment is towards creating an experience of a lifetime for our guests and we strive in all possible ways to make that happen.
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