Stunning Morning Cycling Tour in Udaipur

Today was a chilly morning as the winter is at its peak here in Udaipur Rajasthan, we left for the cycling tour in the surroundings of Udaipur a little late than usual because my American clients who are also business management students of some big University of USA wanted to start a little late, we cycled few kilometers in the city to get a sense of Indian traffic which was indeed thrilling for these young folks as it was 1st time in their life they experienced something like this, riding slowly we looked at everything with fascinating eyes, slowly we entered the rural outskirts of Udaipur, now the roads are free from buzz of the city, nature is at its best, we stopped close to a farmland to glance upon the agricultural fields and cattle sprawling in the sunlight as it is winters and it is even colder in the villages due to lush surroundings, we continued and reached a remote lake which was spectacular surrounded by hills, the water was very calm, we spend some time here in tranquillity and then we again mounted up the saddle to ride back, later we finished our interesting cycling trip close to a lake from where our company car picked us up.

A morning well spent in the beautiful nature

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