A fabulous 3 day trekking with theses 2 lovely French ladies, I met them at hotel Aranyawas which was the meeting point, we had a lavish breakfast there and commenced our 1st day trek through the forest reserve where we saw many small villages and also visited the houses of the fellow natives learning their culture and lifestyle, later after the trek we visited the marvelous Jain Temple which was so beautiful that it awestruck these ladies completely, our day ended with a delicious dinner.

On the second day we left for Kumbhalgarh through a different trek going all the way into the forest, this trek was amazing, inside the forest conservation zone there are tribal communities living and to meet these people and know about them was an experience of a lifetime, there are agricultural lands in the forest, though small but impressively gorgeous, it’s unbelievable to see people doing agriculture in such uneven terrain, climbing few mountains we reached Kumbhalgarh, after lunch we visited the breath taking Kumbhalgarh Fort , we spent 2 Hours here and then returned to our hotel.

On the 3rd day we left early for Udaipur, today we had a village walk in Udaipur in a nearby village, the walk was beautiful, we visited several houses of fellow natives and learned about them, we walked in the farmlands and learned about crops and vegetables grown here, trek ended at the house of the chief family of the village where we visited their house and enjoyed lovely conversation with them, later we had a delicious Rajasthani Organic Lunch organized by the chief family, after the lunch we proceeded to onward destination.

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